Directional Boring


Directional Boring is a way to install pipe and cable underground. It is a trenchless method that allows the operator to steer and change depth.

We use this machine to run water lines underground, specifically the line that connects your home with the city's water main in the street. This pipe is referred to as your "water service". In northern Illinois this line is buried in the ground at five feet or more to prevent freezing in the winter. Our machine allows us maintain this depth and bring the water service into your house at a precise location.

There are different applications for this machine. We use it to bring city water to people previously on a well. We have used it to replace old lead services to improve water quality and we have used it to replace leaking sections of pipe. Any time water lines are installed underground extra heavy K copper tubing is used.

Directional Boring   Directional Boring



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