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Hi, my name is Joe Michels, and I'm the owner of Michels Plumbing. My career as a plumber started back in 1974 when I was offered a job working for Done Rite Plumbing in La Grange, Illinois. Even though it paid less than my previous job I felt it offered me more of a future so I took it. I ended up working at Done Rite for six years. While there I finished my apprenticeship and earned my plumbing license.

In 1980 I left Done Rite to start my own business in my hometown of Aurora, Illinois. Michels Plumbing was incorporated later that year. We started small, working out of a rented basement. In 1984 I bought the gas station on the corner of Gale and Woodlawn and converted it into the Michels Plumbing shop. The next year I hired my first apprentice plumber. At the time I didn't know if I had enough work for the two of us, but we were fortunate and Michels Plumbing continued to grow. In 1990 we remodeled the shop. Today there are five plumbers working here at Michels Plumbing and we just completed an addition. I still enjoy the job as much as when I started back in '74, and we're doing great thanks to your business.

Read about us in the May 2008 Chicago Magazine acticle titled:

"Plumbers Who Won't Drain Your Wallet"

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